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Wellbeing Day – Friday June 10th 2022

The Furzedown Project is happy to announce that booking is open for our first ever Wellbeing Day on 10th June. We have a wide range of events to address peoples physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. You can book online through the links below or book in person at our centre in Moyser Road. If you have any further queries, please contact us on 020 8677 4283

10am-12pm Mind mental health workshop

The recent pandemic has been a difficult and challenging time for everyone and unfortunately one of the most prominent after effects is the impact it is having on our mental health.
We are working in partnership with Mind in Brent, Wandsworth and Westminster to deliver a 2-hour workshop with on how to look after your emotional wellbeing. In this workshop we will explore a number of helpful strategies and share different tools and resources with a specific focus on managing stress and anxiety.

You can book yourself a place on the free learning on the link below:

10am-11:30am Osteopathy for all

As we get older, our spines and our posture changes, which can be detrimental to our health. Osteopathy for older people can be highly beneficial.

Osteopathy is well known for its gentle approach, making it ideal for older people. Using a range of massage, stretching, touching and occasionally joint adjustment, osteopathy increases joint mobility, relieves tension, increases the blood supply to veins and tissues, and induces the body’s natural healing mechanism.

We are happy to welcome Justin and the Streatham Osteopaths Team to showcase the benefits of Osteopathy for the community.

You can book yourself a place on the free session through the link below:

12pm-12:45pm Hypno skills workshop

Hypnoskills is a technique used to improve mental wellbeing and confidence. The aim is to achieve a relaxed state of mind, learn how to be more present and train the mind to enhance the positives and eliminate the negatives. It can treat a range of issues including anxiety, insomnia, fear of the future and stress.

The session will be led by Kristin Hayward who is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 20 years’ experience. She works with clients from all walks of life, resolving a wide range of issues quickly and effectively or simply boosting. Many find the sessions life changing, gaining renewed energy, wellbeing, and focus. During the session, Kristin will explain a bit more about how hypnotherapy works and then go through some guided visualisations with the group.

Following this we can then offer 3 further follow up sessions to develop your skills in this area.

To book yourself a free place simply register through the link below:

12pm-12:45pm Introduction to Yoga

We are happy to announce an introduction to yoga workshop as part of our list of activities for our first Wellbeing Day. This is being delivered by Shirley Trimmer, a YMCA certified personal yoga teacher. She has been practicing Iyengar style, Hatha yoga for over 12 years. Shirley teaches small groups and one-to-one sessions for all skills and abilities.

If you ever wanted to try yoga, but didn’t get around to booking a class, this is the session for you!!

Everyone is welcome! you don’t need to be flexible to start yoga…
Just come willing and receptive…

You can book for this session through the link below:

2:15pm-3:15pm- Grandparent Forum

What does it mean to be a grandparent in 2022? The needs and responsibilities that Grandparents face have has changed over the years. We are therefore looking to develop several sessions to look at these issues/needs of Grandparents within the local community.

This session is being led by Tim Khan, who has extensive experience of working in education and family support programs. To ascertain what people would require from this service, this first session will explore how this group could work moving forward.

Book onto the session to find out more!!

2:15pm-3:00pm Line Dancing for Beginners

As part of our Wellbeing Day activities at the Furzedown Project, Sandra Shaw is leading a line dancing class for beginners. This will include simple steps choreographed to country and western music. It will help to improve mobility and balance. All abilities and skills are welcome to join this enjoyable activity.

Sandra Shaw is a Clinical Exercise Specialist having trained and delivered rehabilitation classes in London Hospitals. Sandra is currently featured on the Royal Osteoporosis Society and the Richmond Group of Charities educational resources. The specialist exercise program in the Furzedown Project has been designed and developed by Sandra and was subsequently nominated for an award.

You can book a place at this free session on the link below:

3:15pm-4:00pm- Tai Chi Movements

Lead by The Furzedown Project exercise specialist Sandra Shaw, she will lead basic sequence developed by the British Lung Foundation to improve mobility balance and wellbeing. Other benefits of Tai Chi for people include:
• Relieves physical effects of stress
• Promotes deep breathing
• Reduces bone loss in menopausal women
• Improves lower body and leg strength
• Helps with arthritis pain
• Reduces blood pressure
• Requires mind and body integration through mental imagery
• Accumulates energy by releasing endorphins rather than depleting it
• Enhances mental capacity and concentration
• Promotes faster recovery from strokes and heart attacks
All abilities and skills are welcome, you can book a free place on this session on the link below:

3:30pm-4:30pm Healthy Living

Healthy living – what does it mean and how do we do it?

An opportunity to explore our lifestyles and discuss how we can adjust our daily living to improve our health and avoid things that can impact on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Sue Clarke is a retired physician who has been helping with the vaccination programme in Furzedown

You can book a place for this free session on the link below:

6pm-9pm Disco Party

To round off our first ever wellbeing, we are planning to have a disco party at our centre in Moyser Road. One of our members, Penny Newman, is a professional DJ by the name of Shadow Sister. Food and Drink will be provided, and the cost of the ticket will go directly towards providing more services within the community.

Everyone is welcome, so look forward to seeing you there. You can book a place through the link below:

Furzedown Voices

We are looking forward to our talks returning in 2022, if you have any thoughts about what you’d like to hear or could give a talk yourself please let us know.

Way back in 2014 we discussed the possibility of having a couple of talks on topics which might be of interest to our members. We started off with Helen Long, who told us some fascinating stories about the history of Furzedown. Little did we know that three years down the line, they have been a resounding success, proving not only very popular with our members, but also with members of our local Furzedown community.

Topics are based on the interests and skills of our members. We have had over twelve talks on subjects which include: Alternative Therapies, local history, Music Hall and Christmas traditions, Knitting and Crafts, Healthy Eating, Patterns in Asian Culture, History of E & A Wates and the Old Toy Museum.

The talks usually lasted approximately 2 hours, with a special musical talk and entertainment just before Christmas. We’re very fortunate to have a very talented group of members, tutors and local contacts who offer to share their expertise and experience with us.

Below are the posters used for our talks. We have included photos where we can, and we hope it will give you a flavour of the variety of our talks. Please come along when you see a notice in the newsletter or on the website and enjoy one of our talks.

 Photos and posters of our previous talks.

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