About The Furzedown Project

The Furzedown Project was established in 1975 by the late Dr. Norman Levinson, and was designed as a self-help, user-led organisation. We are still committed to carrying on this important work for people living in Furzedown and London Borough of Wandsworth. 

Our activities and services are for any person who is aged 50 and over, living within the local community. We aim to increase people’s sense of wellbeing and reduce social isolation. We run many sessions that are aligned with our five core areas of wellbeing. Creative; Emotional; Physical; Social; Digital

Our centre on Moyser Road is open Monday – Friday from 09:30am – 16:30pm and Saturdaay from 1 tto 4pm, we also have special events on occasional evenings and weekends. We can offer transport for those people who live in Furzedown and require the service.

To maintain our services for the community, and develop new activities, we ask participants to contribute an annual membership fee of £20 and between £2 to £5 to attend any of our activities. This money makes a huge difference, and we are grateful to all our members for their ongoing contribution. We can also offer concessions for these fees if you are struggling financially.

Our work is also helped by our volunteers, who support us on Reception,  Transport,  Befriending,  and leading our activity sessions.

To find out more please have a further look at our website,  or contact us on  Services@Furzedownproject.org  020 8677 4283

Registered charity no: 1076087 | Company no: 3662469

Read our full Safeguarding policy HERE

Safeguarding Policy Aims
The Furzedown Project aims to ensure that: 
● The Furzedown Project is a safe place for all staff and service users 
● The Furzedown Project respects everyone’s right to live free from abuse with dignity, autonomy, privacy, and equity
● Appropriate action is taken in a timely manner to safeguard all service users of the Furzedown Project including vulnerable adults
● Staff and volunteers are properly trained in recognising and reporting safeguarding issues

The Furzedown Project.

91/93 Moyser Road, London SW16 6SJ

Call: 020 8677 4283

Charity Number 1076087