Furzedown Farmers

  • Do you live in the Wandsworth Borough?
  • Are you an older adult that finds it difficult to get out and would welcome a weekly visitor?
  • Do you have an interest in vegetable gardening and like the idea of working alongside a volunteer to develop a vegetable patch in your home whilst having a friendly chat?

The Furzedown Project have been successful in obtaining funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, to support older members of the Wandsworth Community.  The funding is to improve physical and mental wellbeing through vegetable gardening combined with befriending.

  • Our gardening volunteer will visit you at home on a weekly basis.  
  • Together, you can decide what vegetables you would like to grow and work together to develop your vegetable patch. Seeds, cuttings and equipment will be provided.
  • Adaptations will be provided to enable you to participate if there are any physical limitations.
  • We will facilitate adapted tai chi sessions to help improve your mobility and balance.
  • Education sessions and trips will be organised by The Furzedown Project.

“Becoming involved with the  Furzedown Farmers initiative has helped me to develop the confidence to go out more because of the new friendship groups I have developed. I feel so much happier in myself and really look forward to the weekly visits from my volunteer.” Madge

“I have learnt so much about growing vegetables and its great to be able to put it into practise and watch them grow.  I do find it relaxing being outside  in the garden.  it’s so nice to have company, talking and gardening together.” Terry

“ I do not get out much so I really look forward to my visits from the volunteer,, Its nice to be able to spend time with someone who shares the same interests.  The time seems to fly by and my vegetable patch is coming along a treat.” Francis

“The Furzedown Farmers initiative has opened so many doors for me. I attend the adapted tai chi outdoor sessions and I love the way it makes me feel afterwards.  I feel so calm and relaxed and just better able to cope with the challenges life throws at me. My mobility and balance have improved so much and I feel far more confident walking down the road.” Eva

Furzedown Farmers’ Talks

Thanks to our grant, we are having a series of talks with Tom Gibbs who studied at Land and Ecological Restoration at the Eden Project in Cornwall while working on their outer estates horticulture team. He lives in Tooting and started ‘Garden Ecology Services’ to deliver engaging and accessible lessons on ecology and gardening to people of all ages.

Spaces are limited, please book at The Project reception.

The Secrets of Soil: It’s Importance in the Vegetable Garden

3rd November 3.30pm-5pm

We’ll look at the difference between soil and compost, their uses in the garden, and their importance for food production. If attendees are able to bring a sample of their own soil we can do an activity comparing them and doing a hands-on activity to classify the texture. We can also look at ways to build soil health in the vegetable garden, including composting, producing leaf mould, and practicing ‘no-till’ gardening.

Friday 17th November: Dealing with Veg Garden Pests

We will look at a range of common garden ‘pests’ and the best ways to deal with them, discussing and trying out some popular remedies and learning how to attract beneficial wildlife into the garden to help deal with pests.

Friday November 24th: Festive Foliage

This session will focus on using foliage and seed heads found in and around the veg patch at this time of year to make festive wreaths, while learning about the importance of native plants for local wildlife and veg growing success.

Friday January 5th: Forest Gardening & Wild Foods

This workshop will focus on a particular style of fruit and vegetable growing known as ‘forest gardening’, where crops are grown together in a more naturalistic way than in a traditional veg patch. We will look at some native ‘wild foods’ as well as unusual forest garden staples. 

Friday January 12th: A New Year in the Veg Garden

With spring on the horizon, this workshop will focus on some early indoor sowing of fruits and vegetables ready for the coming year.

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